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Manchester University has a long tradition of combining learning and values. Its goal, as presented in the mission statement, is "to graduate people who possess ability and conviction." Manchester recognizes that change cannot come from conviction alone, that those who ardently desire to build a better world need real world skills to accomplish those goals. At Manchester College, skills and abilities are developed through rigorous preparation in a student's academic major(s) and broad coursework in the liberal arts. Graduates leave well trained for graduate school or their first job.

Manchester's mission statement also speaks best to its core values: "Within a long tradition of concern for peace and justice, Manchester College intends to develop an international consciousness, a respect for ethnic and cultural pluralism, and an appreciation for the infinite worth of every person. A central goal of the College community is to create an
environment which nurtures a sense of self-identity, a strong personal faith, a dedication to the service of others, and an acceptance of the demands of responsible citizenship."

Manchester University is an independent, co-educational college in the liberal arts tradition, and is committed to continue in the tradition of social concern which is a mark of the Church of the Brethren, its supporting denomination which is recognized as a historic peace church, and one that actively lives out faith in reconciliation, service, simple living, community, and love. Acknowledging religious diversity, Manchester welcomes persons of all faith traditions and provides opportunities to explore, develop and nurture faith in an environment that respects the infinite worth of every person.

The learning environment at Manchester emphasizes an open exchange of thoughts and ideas. Students are taught to ask tough questions and search for satisfying answers. The curriculum allows varied combinations of majors and minors, both in allied fields (e.g. history and political science) and across disciplines (e.g. physics and peace studies, music and gender studies). International study and community service are long-standing traditions at Manchester because students gain experiences that offer valuable new perspectives about themselves and other cultures and countries.

Students can take advantage of travel opportunities through international studies programs (a semester or year at campuses in Brazil, China, France, Ecuador, England, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Spain and Mexico), and during the three and a half week January Session. Recent January Session classes have gone to Spain, Morocco, Costa Rica, Mexico, Vietnam, Egypt, England, Florida, India and Nicaragua. January Sessions have included NASA research; health, fitness and wellness internships; field experiences in peace studies, social work and psychology, and many other off campus opportunities.

Manchester's emphasis on developing abilities and convictions shapes the academic and extra curricular experiences of students in every major. Action-oriented student groups are open to all students. They include Amnesty International, the Environmental Group, Habitat for Humanity, prison visitation teams, Death Penalty Awareness, Women's Advocacy Group, and many others. Students also participate in the Peace Choir, retreats, coffee houses, concerts, lectures and discussion forums, and in local and national conferences.

Manchester University is home to the nation’s first peace studies program and to one of the earliest environmental studies programs. The Peace Studies Institute offers college-wide conferences featuring speakers, debates on issues of public policy, and workshops. Manchester also offers an unusually large number of scholarships to students majoring in Peace Studies.

Other special resources include the 100 acre Koinonia Environmental Center, including a 5 acre natural lake and woods, just 11 miles from campus. Koinonia has become a retreat and learning center for church and college groups.

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