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College of the Atlantic
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Naropa University
Imagine! College credit for Designing "Green" Housing , Saving Threatened Species , Working in Health Clinics , Studying Coral Reefs in the  Bahamas , Visiting Int'l. EcoVillages, Your Own Service Projects
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Searching for a college to help you save the planet? Want a college that walks it's talk? Seems like every college guide is jumping on the green bandwagon - but we've been researching and directing thousands of committed young people to truly green colleges since 1992. Dedication to the planet is our passion and purpose.

Come explore green colleges, peace colleges, colleges with a deep commitment to service, unique state colleges, prestigious colleges, and a "contemplative" Buddhist-oriented college. Want to design your own major, take interdisciplinary classes, do hands-on or field studies? Looking for small classes taught by truly interested professors? If you want to make a better world, these are outstanding colleges for you. All our colleges offer relevant majors leading to meaningful work.

Remember, choosing a college is about more than finding one with a major you are interested in. Did you know that most students change their major at least once? Find an engaged college that is a wonderful fit for you, as well as having majors that are of interest.

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parents comment "I wish I had gone to colleges like these."

"These extremely important colleges may help save the planet."
Dr. Helen Caldicott

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Oberlin College
Prescott College
SUNY College of Enviro.
& Forestry
Sterling College
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Warren Wilson College